Our "Clouds in Art" Study

We have been doing a Weather Nature Study for a while now. So this Art Study that I came across on the Hearts and Trees (HAT) fit right in. It is called “Clouds in Art” Study and the owner of Hearts and Trees put together a very nice Mini Unit Study (Notebooking Pages PDF).
“This is a set of 7 notebooking pages designed to help you and your students really get into the pieces of art. Each page includes questions to help you and your students take a deeper look and gain a deeper understanding of the artist, subject and style. (You can consider these questions orally or have your children write their responses in the space provided.) A short biography is included for each artist. Some pages include easy art activities you might wish to spend some time completing after viewing the artwork. Most of the notebooking pages include the piece of art being studied. (The Lawren Harris piece is not in the public domain, and is thus not included, but there is still a page for the work of his included in the art show.) f you would like to purchase the Clouds in Art Mini Unit Study, I am offering it for $4.95. “–Quote from HAT Blog
Here are three paintings that are used in the study. You can see them and the others used at the HAT Blog. I love all the paintings that were picked for this study but my buys favorite so far is the 3rd pic above.

The last pic here is of them looking at the painting and sketching their own version of it. I had saved the painting as the “background” on our computer. This a nice break from just our normal picture study. We get to appreciate the painting and learn about the artist but we also get to appreciate the clouds and the weather aspect of it. If your looking for something new or different check this out at Heart and Trees (HAT) Blog.

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