Have FUN with Magic Nuddles

My oldest got something for his birthday that I had never seen before. It or should I say they are called magic Nuudles. It is a Biodegradable building product. The boys loved them, they had a lot of fun using them today. Their imaginations were on overdrive while they were building =o) I just wanted to share because I thought there may be someone like me that hadn’t heard of them. My older sister that had gotten them for my son found a box of them @ Hobby Lobby for only $5. They were a hit and I know when we are completely done with these we will be getting more.

Magic Nuudles stick with a little water … and melt with a lot! All of our craft foam and paper materials are made from cornstarch, nature’s finest adhesive. Mix and match Original Magic Nuudles, Bloxx, Stixx, CornStruction Paper, and CornFetti to build, decorate, and create anything you can imagine!
HERE are ideas for using Magic Nuudles in your “school lesson”
HERE are other magic Nuudle Products

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