December All About Him Creation Club

Today’s Creation Club was Fantastic!!! It was all about Birds and it was just wonderful!! Thank You to the “MOM” in charge and to the other moms that helped her!! It was cold and raining very hard so we did have to stay inside the entire time but that’s o.k. because we had a lot of fun learning about God’s Creation……………the Bird!!

I did start things off by letting the kids and moms see and hold our new little chicks we have. I do believe all the kids enjoyed it. They were all so good about holding them gently. Then we moved on to talking about birds……what they look and sound like, what they eat, where they live, etc.. The kids that wanted to played a game where they had to pick up things that birds would eat like bugs, insects, etc (puffy stickers)with their toes. Then our mom who was leading the club today shared a little more about what birds eat what and why, etc. Then we separated into families and played Bird Bingo. That was a great game, my oldest wants me to add it to his Christmas/birthday wish list. Next the kids created their very own bird, they sketched it, came up with a name for it and had to decide what it would eat. We also talked about what to feed birds and we made pine cone bird feeders and they gave out little milk cartons and explained how to make a homemade bird feeder (for seeds). Again it was just great!! I encourage if you don’t already, to start feeding and watching birds. They are a truly amazing part of God’s Creation!! (Oh, Thanks so much to my friend Tricia for taking some pictures and sharing them with me because I had forgotten mine)
Great Bird Field Guides

Bird Resources (some you will find within the above post)
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PBS: Zoom Bird Nest Project


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