Outdoor Hour–Nature Close To Home: Weather #2

Here is the 2nd Weather nature study sent to us by Barb @ HNS Blog. Please go to her blog HERE so you can check out these nature challenges and all her wonderful nature resources that are on her blog! We were to start a 4 season weather study, so this week we enjoyed being outside working on our autumn Study. We used the Seasonal Weather Study worksheets that Barb offered on her blog with this week’s challenge. We observed the sky, the temperature, the trees, the ground, etc to get an idea of our Autumn Weather. The pictures I took show that we had a beautiful cloudless sky, it was sunny, it was not so chili when you were out in the sun and NOT in the shade. We also noticed how many trees we had around us that had completely lost their leaves already. While we were out on our Nature walk for this study my youngest had a blast pretending he was protecting us with his BB gun and my oldest ended up getting one of his rubber boots stuck in some mud and falling so he ended up a little dirty and a little wet so we had to cut our time outside short so he could go change. I also couldn’t help to add a pic I took that day of our chickens under our bird feeder.

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