Chickens and their very nutritional EGGS

Here is our boys a couple of mornings ago coming back down to the house after letting out the chickens and checking for eggs!
(Sorry I know it’s not a great pic)
Here is our 2nd double yolk from our chickens and for some reason it’s just so exciting =o)
Double Yolkers appear when ovulation occurs too rapidly, or when one yolk somehow gets “lost” and is joined by the next yolk. Double yolkers may be by a pullet whose productive cycle is not yet well synchronized. They’re occasionally laid by a heavy-breed hen, often as an inherited trait.–Quote from (To see other eggs oddities go to their site HERE)
Are eggs good for you? Eggs are very nutrient dense and energy dense with lots of vitamins, protein and fats. Read more HERE (also includes recipes).
The egg is a highly nutritious and functional food. It contains one of the highest quality proteins you can buy. It is also low in sodium, and contains a large variety of vitamins and minerals. Egg protein has just the right mixture of essential amino acids needed by humans to build a strong body.Next to mother’s milk, it is the second most nutritious food for human consumption. Repeated studies have failed to correlate the general dietary claim that a moderate consumption (one a day) has a direct and significant positive correlation with the risk of coronary heart disease or stroke in either healthy men or women.Reduction of blood cholesterol is best accomplished through a combination of reduced dietary sugar intake and exercise rather than a restriction of dietary cholesterol alone. Those that embark on a cholesterol restriction program often end up taking in higher amounts of carbohydrates like pasta and white rice, which are more deleterious to their health than cholesterol itself. In addition to its nutritive value, eggs are inexpensive, delicious, and easy to prepare. They should be an integral part of any anti-aging diet. —Quote From an article by Dr. Lam, read more HERE .

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