Nature Challenges: Weather

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I am very excited about the new Nature Challenges that Barb @ the HNS Blog has planned for us. I wanted to share it with you because I think it would be great to do with your children no matter their ages!!! I encourage you to take a moment to check it out!!

Outdoor Hour Challenge #39 Weather Challenge #1
This has probably been the hardest challenge for me to put together. In planning, I would start off with one idea and then realize that everyone does not have the same sort of weather at the same time and I would get overwhelmed and put the whole thing aside. I know no matter what I chose for the next two challenges that I will not be able to meet every one’s needs.With that in mind, I decided that this week we should all read about weather topics in the Handbook of Nature Study and then apply what we learn during our Outdoor Hour. Next week’s challenge will be the first challenge in a year long weather observation study and hopefully that should be appropriate for everyone no matter where you live or when you complete this challenge.I hope that you all give this challenge a try and either learn something new or just enjoy your outdoor time observing the weather conditions. Quote from the Handbook of Nature Blog…………..Read More Here because she has book ideas, U-tube video’s and more great resources, etc for a study on weather!!

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