Outdoor Hour-Nature Close To Home: The Last Tree Challenge for a while.

This week’s Challenge was Elm’s, Chestnut and Hickory Trees.
We set out on a walk in our woods looking and trying to identify some trees. I already knew we had some Hickory trees but not what kind of Hickory. These trees caught my eyes because of the leaf shape and the leaf color. Can anyone help me identify them? =o)
Here is the beautiful spray of one of our Hickories (my husband believe it’s a Hickory anyway) and I also included a close of of the trunk and one of it’s leaves.

Here are the boys playing around while we’re on our walk. They just love being in the woods!!
Here is my oldest doing a leaf rubbing. My youngest kept messing up and getting mad so I never got a picture of him.
(Moon Pics are from Wikipedia)
I also wanted to share a Nature Lesson we had this week. The other night we were looking for one of our chickens. We did find it the next day in the basement. We had no idea that a chicken got locked in when we shut the garage door….ooopps =o) Anyway we were out right before complete darkness and the Moon was just beautiful, the whole sky was and we also got to enjoy a wonderful picture of the moon being reflected in our lake. So we took the time to sketch a picture of the moon and I read them a little about the moon from the book: Exploring Creation with Astronomy by Jeannie Fulbright. My son is acting out an example she had in this book. Take a ball (we used a Balck Walnut) which is supposed to be the moon and rotate it around your head which is supposed to be the earth. I think he got the point =o) I didn’t have my camera so I didn;t get a picture of the moon, oh, well I still wanted to share the experience with you!!

I just thought I would share some Fall colors around our house. I hope you are enjoying this fall season!! Be Blessed!!

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