Here we are "Thinking" again =o)

A 2nd Think project for the week!!
From: The Kids Who Think Blog

Here it is: Put a bag of marshmallows (any size) on the table. Tell your students to big the biggest arch possible. They may use whatever they’d like during construction but the final arch must be made only of marshmallows. Wash your hands! Take pictures. Send them in. Fun, learn about arches here. —-Quote from KWT Blog Post


First we watched the video referenced above on arches, they thought it was cool. Then we got our supplies out along with a couple of examples of arches and got to work!!

Here is my oldest smashing his marshmallows together. His plan was to get them sticky before he tried to build the arch. As you see he was successful, yes he was proud of himself =o)

Here is my youngest cutting his marshmallows (he loves cutting things =o)! I have to admit he did have some help from his mama. It was a challenge that I couldn’t resist, so we worked as a team and got it done!!


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