How about a Little Geography: We made a Flag and used our imaginations.

We started this little lesson by making a Flag. The great thing was it really was all for fun but it actually was very educational by accident! I told the boys they could copy a flag from another country or they could create their own. It ended up that they both created their own. It may have had something to do with me coming up with my own =o) but that’s o.k.. They made several flags but chose one to go with the country they were creating with their imagination. Here let me tell you all about them.
Here is my youngest Flag and it is the flag of his country called DinoKing and here are the facts about his country. We got out the globe and he decided he wanted to place it beside China. Only Kids and Dinosaurs live there, it’s always Hot, the Dinosaurs are always fighting each other and the kids hunt the Dinosaurs for their food.
This Flag belongs to my oldest and it represents Freedom and Liberty for the country he created. Here are the facts of his country: It is called Center and he placed it in the center of the earth. It was discovered in 1928. It is cold and hot there and it rains 272 gallons of water a day. There are dinosaurs, huge birds and weird beetles. Many people come and visit this country because now it is like a museum. The kind of food that is available is Squid, Piranha and Leopards so if you go there for a visit you may want to bring your own food =o).
Here is my flag and the name of my country is the Sunshine Country. It is an island near Hawaii. It’s always sunny and it never rains but don’t worry God brings forth springs and mist from the earth to make sure everything and everyone has the water it needs O.k. that’s is far as I got creating my country but it sounds pretty good to me anyway =o) Here is where I got the idea to make the flag. I encourage you to check it out. This was a fun project to do together and I was very proud of the way they used their imaginations!!

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