Outdoor Hour–Nature Close To Home: Our Maple Tree (4 season Tree Study)

Front of Tree facing our house
Back of Tree

UPDATE: Look (above) at what our Maple Tree ended up looking like before it really started dropping it’s leaves. These pics were taken almost a week after I took the pics below when we were doing our Autumn Nature study on it. Isn’t it BEAUTIFU…..Thank You Elohim.
Last Saturday we headed down to our Red Maple Tree, the one we picked for our 4 Season Tree Study. We should have noticed before but it was covered in red leaves and it was beautiful. Not as beautiful as some years but it has color on it and that is always beautiful to see!! It still had green leaves and it also had yellow leaves. We first sat away from it to sketch a picture of the whole tree and then we moved in to take a closer look. We looked at the leaves, the bark and up into the spray to see if there were any other changes or anything we noticed now that we didn’t notice before. We of course noticed all the color changes, can’t miss that =o) My oldest noticed a nest up in the top of the tree. I think we noticed it before but I don’t think I was able to get a pic of it. We all picked a leaf to trace or rub in our journals and lastly I read a little about Maples and tree in general to them as they climbed and adventured around the tree.

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