The October All About Him Creation Club Meeting

Trees, Trees, Trees…….Look at our little Trees!
Here we have the end result of our project for today, aren’t these some cute little Trees!! One of our moms was in charge today and she did a terrific job (Thank You so much A.) !!!! She gave them some great information on trees, she brought different types of pine cones, leaves, seeds, bark and many other wonderful things for them to see, touch and smell. She also had all the supplies they needed to turn themselves into little trees. They had vest on that they used as the trunk of the tree. They used these to do bark rubbings, they had green paper for the spray or head of the tree and they taped leaves onto it and they tied some string on the bottom of the vest to represent the tree roots. All the kids seemed to have a great time today as they were learning about trees, doing their project and of course playing together before and afterwards =o) It was a beautiful but windy day so I opened my basement and we spent most of meeting in there so we were a little warmer and out of the wind. The kids still got to enjoy being outside playing together and gathering their leaves, etc.. We did have a back up plan for any older kids that were not interested in making themselves into a tree. So moms with older children don’t be afraid to come. This is a family club and it’s for everyone. For everyone not there today we missed ya and hope you can join us again soon!! To everyone that came thank you so much my children and I really enjoyed spending time with you!!!

The last pic is of my youngest…………..his favorite part of club time was hammering on some Hickory Nuts that one of the children brought to share with everyone. We also had another one of the children bring a flattened dead baby snake to show us and then she gave it to me. Wasn’t that so sweet and I am a mom that can really appreciate a gift like that!!!
Special Announcement we will have a club meeting on Thursday, Dec 4th and the Theme will be BIRDS. A couple of moms have stepped up to plan everything (Thank You) and I am really looking forward to it!! Be Blessed and I hope you continue to choose to get your kids out it God’s amazing Creation.

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