Outdoor Hour–Nature Close To Home: Apple Trees

My favorite part of this week’s Study was that we went and visited my grandparents apple tree. My grandmother died about two yrs ago and my grandfather died a little over a year ago though it feels like yesterday since we lost them. Their house is being rented out and got up enough nerve to go knock on the door and explain who we were and what we wanted to do. They said yes and it was wonderful to be in my grandparents backyard again and to see this tree. I wish we could have stayed a lot longer than we did but I didn’t want to wear out our welcome. We took pictures, picked a couple of leaves, admired the trunk riddled with holes from a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker Woodpecker, saw what was left of some apples that had fallen on the ground, we measured the tree with some yarn and then we left and went back across the street to our little lake and we sat and I read a little about Apple trees to the boys from the Handbook of Nature Study Book. Thank You Barb for picking Apple Trees!!


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