Outdoor Hour–Nature Close To Home: Oak Trees

There is a proverb, “Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.” Another is: “Every majestic oak tree was once a nut who stood his ground.”–Wikipedia
The Oak
Live thy Life,Young and old,Like yon oak,Bright in spring,Living gold;Summer-rich Then; and then Autumnchanged Sobererhued Gold again.All his leaves Fall’n at length, Look, he stands,Trunk and bough Naked strength. Alfred Lord Tennyson
Below is the Oak tree we picked. It is a White Oak and it is on top of the hill in our back yard right in front of the fence that goes to what we call the back pasture. This pic really doesn’t do it justice, this is a huge tree!
Below is the whole tree where I took pictures of it in sections from bottom to top.

Below are more pics from this weeks nature study. The boys had a contest who could find the most acorns, they did a leaf rubbing and a bark rubbing, they looked at the leaves of the tree through our binoculars because they were so high up we couldn’t see them in detail without them, we measured the bottom of the tree and it was 11ft 10in and we found an empty praying mantis egg case on the tree when we were looking at the bark. This time outdoors and this tree study was a very good way to start a school day this past week.
This last pic I just had to take. It was of our chicken Bambi standing in front of our Oak. =o)
Link to great tree coloring pages
Oak coloring page

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