Fall Resources

Just wanted to repost some great

Here is a great Blog with a wonderful “book” list for the Season of Fall!! This blog belongs to a friend of mine it is definitely worth checking out!! If you want some great “fall” activities for your really young ones, I suggest you check out this site . You will find Autumn Lesson plans to use and here are more at this site that you might find useful. One more Site with a huge variety of Autumn activities, etc. Look at this explanation of how the leaves change colors in the fall. (Of course we know the Real “How”………..God created it to be that way =o) Check out these beautiful Fall Pics from around the world. Enjoy or not an Autumn Poem by John Keats. I hope you might find something useful at the links I posted here!!!
Also here is an article on Thanksgiving in the United States that is from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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