Art Lesson #6 The Art of Kandinsky and the use of Lines

He was a Russian painter, printmaker and art theorist. One of the most famous 20th-century artists, he is credited with painting the first modern abstract works.–from Wikipedia
(noun) – A line is a basic element of art, referring to a continuous mark, made on a surface, by a moving point. A line is long relative to its width. It can define a space, create an outline or pattern, imply movement or texture and allude to mass or volume. Absolutely essential in creating art, the line.
The Artist Toolkit is a wonderful “Art” site to go to for help with your Art Lessons. Take a moment to check out these two links on “Lines”, they will and a great element to your Art Lessons. If you find time check out as much of their site as you can.
Here we have our creations based on the Art of Kandinsky.
1st pic: My oldest 2nd Pic: My youngest 3rd pic: Mine
We started by watching a little slide show movie I put together of the work of Kandinsky. We then checked out the Artist Toolkit on the subject of Lines and last we went to work creating are own art. I did take a moment to emphasize color and shapes also since these elements were greatly used and emphasized by Kandinsky. They created many more works of Art but I just ask them to pick one to share with you here on the blog. It was another enjoyable Art lesson!

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