September’s All About Him Creation Club Meeting

Thank You Lord for another BEAUTIFUL day!
Yesterday was the 2nd meeting of the ALL ABOUT HIM Creation Club and it was wonderful………at least I thought so!
(A group shot……I took it to soon we had a few more show up after this pic)
Actually I have proof that some others had a good time also =)
Here is a note from one of the moms that was there:
This is what they told their Daddy at supper – their favorites from time at your house:
11-year-old: the scavenger hunt, the freedom of roaming all over and making the journal
Nine-year-old: making the journal (especially the stick for the binder) and the chickens
Six-year-old: the chickens! and your pasture
Two-year-old: the playground!
Baby: being outside and watching the other children
Me: The neat designs you made in the pasture with the lawn mower : )
We started our meeting with one of the children offering up a very sweet prayer, Thanking God for His Creation. After that I opened by asking the children if they wanted to share a nature drawing, poem, journal entry or something they have recently learned about God’s Creation. Afterwards we started talking about the season of Fall. I ask the children to share what they knew and liked about it and I also read just a wee bit about this wonderful (my favorite) season that God created. Here are a few comments from the children on what they like about Fall: Leaves changing colors, jumping in leaves, that it’s cooler outside
Then it was time to get up, move and go exploring so I sent the moms and children on a Nature Scavenger Hunt. They could either try to just find as many different things as they could or do an ABC hunt where they tried to find as many things as they could using the letters of the alphabet (such as: A=acorn, B=bug, C=Cat claw Mimosa, etc….) It was great watching everyone spread out and start searching.
After we finished with the hunt some of the children enjoyed sharing what they had found. Now it was time for our nature journal project. Here are pictures of the kids (with moms help) making their very own Nature Journals using a piece of nature itself: a stick for the the binding. (Thanks for the idea, Barb @ HNS Blog….to see details on how to make one of these journal’s click HERE.

Here are some random pictures and as you can see there were lots of things going on. I think it would be safe to say that everyone that was there had a wonderful time together out in God’s Creation!!

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