Outdoor Hour-Nature Close To Home # 31 Intro. to Trees

Trees, Trees, Trees!
I have always loved trees that is why I am very excited about this Tree Adventure we are beginning that Barb at the HNS Blog was nice enough to create for us.
Here is where we observed most of the trees for our Outdoor Hour #31. This is on the bank of the little lake we share with my parents.
I believe this is a Eastern Cedar Tree. My oldest is pointing to the Spray of the tree, in the next pic he is pointing to the trunk of the tree.
As we were walking around the lake we saw this wee snapping turtle.
Here are two more trees we found on our walk. I am working to identify them and I won’t give up no matter how long it takes =o)
Oak Tree..I think “White” Oak.

The boys loved observing this tree because they spent their time climbing up the trunk and would inevitably get their foot stuck trying to get down and mama had to come to the rescue. In this first pic you see the spray and branches of the tree and in the second not only do you see my cute son but you see the lower trunk and a leaf from the same tree. Type of tree?

This tree had long roots spreading out from it, you can see that they are stretching down to the water. Which is how the HNS book describes what a root will do. This picture reminds me of :
Jeremiah 17:8
For he shall be like a tree planted by the waters that spreads out its roots by the river; and it shall not see and fear when heat comes; but its leaf shall be green. It shall not be anxious and full of care in the year of drought, nor shall it cease yielding fruit.
Do you hear(see) that? Of course you did =o) Isn’t that awesome!! No matter the circumstance (heat or drought) this tree that stretches out it’s roots to the living water will never go without what it needs to continue to bear good fruit!!
Thank You Father for that promise!!
This is a Flowering Dogwood…I think it is anyway =)
I just love the roots of this tree how they are stretched out on all directions digging into the ground everywhere it can creating a great foundation for this tree.
This is a Sweet Gum

Here is a Pine tree……..the Spray, the bark (with a stink bug)…and the pine needles and pine cone. This particular tree we are always finding the Nymph Cicada Shells on…….very cool =o)
Here are our Nature Journals with examples of what we brought back from our tree Focus Nature Walk.
The boys and I did talk about the parts of a Tree before we went walking so my oldest spent his time on the walk pointing out the parts to lots of the trees that we saw. Below is a statement from the Handbook of Nature Study Book: THE PARTS OF THE TREE The head, or crown, is composed of the branches as a whole, which in turn are composed of the larger and smaller branches and twigs. The spray is the term given to the outer twigs, the finest divi- sions of the trunk, which bear the leaves and fruit. The branches are divisions of the bole or trunk, which is the body or stem of the tree. The bole, at the base, divides into roots, and the roots into root- lets, which are covered with root hairs.
Here we ended our walk at our Red Maple, the Tree we picked for our 4-season tree study. I am just about to attempt to hang from the tree and my oldest took the pic to soon. Oh, well it’s better that there isn’t proof of me being so silly and not acting my age-LOL
Fill-In-the-blanks Tree Diagram worksheet for Younger Kids.
We are already looking forward to next week’s Outdoor Hour-Nature close To Home Challenge as we continue our Tree Adventure!!

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