Outdoor Hour-Nature Close To Home # 30 Weeds and Seeds

We had an absolutely beautiful nature walk as we set out on this week’s Challenge.
Click on all pics to Enlarge
We started our walk with socks on our feet to see what interesting things (hopefully seeds) we might pick up. See details to this idea and this week’s challenge at the link below to the Outdoor Hour-Nature Close To Home #30 Weeds and Seeds given by Barb at the HNS Blog.
I’m pretty sure this is Pinkweed. We found this growing on the bank of our little lake.
“The nutlets of pinkweed, and smartweeds (Polygonum spp.) in general, are an important waterfowl food. They are also of significant food value to many songbirds.” ——
Here the boys are pointing things out to me. Mostly we don’t know what things are but we are slowly learning and enjoying the process.
Here we are starting up one of the trails we get to enjoy on our property.
Here us what it looked like we we topped the hill. The picture doesn’t do it justice. There was a beautiful variety of colors, several different types of butterflies fluttering around us and Bumblebees buzzing. It was a truly a sight to behold and even my boys knew it!! Here are some of the comments that I heard from my boys: Oh, mom this is beautiful, butterflies mom, look, look , look a caterpillar, this is a wonderful walk, this is great, mom, I am so glad we home school =o) (yes, I loved hearing that)
Here are a few of the beautiful and interesting sights we enjoyed. No I have not been able to identify them yet……hopefully soon!

I believe these are Black-Eyed-Susan’s
1st Pic…. ? 2nd Pic…Cat’s Claw
Here is what my socks looked like when we got back. Unfortunately my socks had only picked up a few things that I believe to be seeds.
He are the goodies that we brought back with us. What was fun was that when we laid all this out we found a small spider, a stink bug, aphids, spider mites and a few wee little critters that we couldn’t identify. (The picture on the very top of my Blog is from this Nature walk)
1st Pic…Does anyone know what this is? This is I believe the third one over the last 3 years that we have found. It feels paper thin and it’s hollow. I am clueless but I enjoy finding them =o) The 2nd pic is of us trying to see some seeds up close.
Here we have our nature equipment spread out as we sketch for our journals, use our magnifying glass and discovery scope we get up close and personal with God’s Creation.
Here is the stink bug that we had fun getting to see VERY CLOSE UP.
Here are a few of the other things we got to see: Bull Thistles, Dandelion seed pods, Several Ragweeds and Golden Rods, Gay Feathers, Spider webs, Spiders, a Variety of Nuts, Common Rye, Big Bluestem (I think) and Blusher Mushrooms.
“Thank You Father for such a beautiful day out in your creation with my boys.”

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