Our 1st Club Day

Today was the first Club Day of our local HS group and our boys LOVED it. Our oldest is in a Club called Zoom……it is a Science based club with activities to really get them “thinking, wondering, experimenting, etc.. He is also in a Miscellaneous Club and the name says it all. They will cover many different topics in this club so it should never be boring. Last but not least he is in a P.E. Club (out door and indoor games, ex. Kickball and Presidential Physical Fitness exercises). Our youngest goes into the Preschool Club for the first two hours where they will do all kinds of fun activities and the last hour he joins his brother in the P.E. Club. I also am teaching two Clubs: Zoom (One of the Zoom Clubs…….we have 4 of them) and Art. It’s a really FUN day for us all and we get to enjoy it one day a month!!
(Click on Pics to Enlarge)
This is a group pic from the Zoom Club today that I teach and that my oldest is in. What we did in this club today was learn about a Optical illusion Toy from the 1800’s. It is called a Thaumatrope. The kids loved it!! If you have kids I encourage you to check out the information at Zoom website and have fun with your children making and playing with one.
This is a pic from the Art Club I teach. I introduced them to ALL kinds of Art (Drawings, paintings, Photographs, wood carving, blown glass, Famous and not so famous Art, Children’s Book Illustrations, etc..) We shared that Art is Creating something and that ART is your own. You may think something is Art that someone else doesn’t and that is o.k.. We also talked about God being the perfect most creative Artist =o) and that He gave us all an imagination and our very own creativity. We ended the club with the kids creating their own work of ART!!
This is a pic from the P.E. Club that both the boys are enjoying!

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