Family Update as of 9/11/08

This is the Ring neck Snake my hubby found in our basement that we observed for a couple of days. These pics were taken right before we took it out and released it.
Here is the latest woodworking Projects our boys worked on. The Covered wagon I helped our youngest build and the boat my oldest did all by himself. They enjoy these little projects so much that I got for $1. at Micheal’s and they also enjoy going to Home Depot and Lowe’s for their Building Projects for kids.
A little Math anyone?………..=o)
Here my oldest measured out and poured one cup of water in each one of these cups. He got to see how the same amount of water looked different in each glass and he also got to hear how each glass sounded with a cup of water in it =o) He did this after he helped me measure out all the ingredients for Homemade Bread. He worked with Cups, Tablespoons and Teaspoons. It was a good math lesson.

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