AAH Creation Club September Meeting:

Ecclesiastes 3:1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven…………

Painting called Autumn Leaves Artist: John E. Millais (1856)
The Joy of Journaling in the Fall
My family is definitely ready to experience the amazing season of Fall that God created to bless us with. I want to encourage you to get outside with your children more this Fall than you ever have before. I also want to encourage you to journal about your experience during the fall season!! Journaling, Note booking and Scrap booking are all great ways to store up the wonderful memories and knowledge you will be gaining if you choose to just get out enjoy and “find out” about some of the interesting things you see out in God’s Amazing Creation. Below you will find the “plan” for our next meeting, Fall Resources, Nature Journal resources and quotes about Nature journaling. I hope you enjoy and benefit from all this information!!
Pic from Wikipedia
Resources for Fall/Autumn
Here is a great Blog with a wonderful “book” list for the Season of Fall!! This blog belongs to a friend of mine it is definitely worth checking out!! If you want some great “fall” activities for your really young ones, I suggest you check out this site . You will find Autumn Lesson plans to use and here are more at this site that you might find useful. One more Site with a huge variety of Autumn activities, etc. Look at this explanation of how the leaves change colors in the fall. (Of course we know the Real “How”………..God created it to be that way =o) Check out these beautiful Fall Pics from around the world. Enjoy or not an Autumn Poem by John Keats. I hope you might find something useful at the links I posted here!!!
Painting: The First Thanksgiving Artist: Jean Leon Gerome Ferris (1863–1930)
Here is an article on Thanksgiving in the United States that is from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I found the statement below on the above mentioned Wikipedia article and I thought it was great.

President George W. Bush gave his official Thanksgiving address in 2007 at Berkeley saying:
In the four centuries since the founders of Berkeley first knelt on these grounds, our nation has changed in many ways. Our people have prospered, our nation has grown, our Thanksgiving traditions have evolved — after all, they didn’t have football back then. Yet the source of all our blessings remains the same: We give thanks to the Author of Life who granted our forefathers safe passage to this land, who gives every man, woman, and child on the face of the Earth the gift of freedom, and who watches over our nation every day.

Pic of my oldest drawing for his Nature Scrap book
Nature Journaling
Nature Diaries.––As soon as he is able to keep it himself, a nature-diary is a source of delight to a child. Every day’s walk gives him something to enter: three squirrels in a larch tree, a jay flying across such a field, a caterpillar climbing up a nettle, a snail eating a cabbage leaf, a spider dropping suddenly to the ground, where he found ground ivy, how it was growing and what plants were growing with it, how bindweed or ivy manages to climb.–CMCalendars.––It is a capital plan for the children to keep a calendar––the first oak-leaf, the first tadpole, the first cowslip, the first catkin, the first ripe blackberries, where seen, and when. The next year they will know when and where to look out for their favourites, and will, every year, be in a condition to add new observations. Think of the zest and interest, the object, which such a practice will give to daily walks and little excursions. There is hardly a day when some friend may not be expected to hold a first ‘At Home.’——-Charlotte Mason
From Clare Walker Leslie’s book, Keeping a Nature Journal.—– “Simply put, nature journaling is the regular recording of observations, perceptions, and feelings about the natural world around you. That is the essence of the process. The recording can be done in a wide variety of ways, depending on the individual journalist’s interests, background, and training. Some people prefer to record in written prose or poetry, some do it through drawing or painting, others with photographs or tape recordings, and still others through musical notation…..Many people use a combination of these techniques.”The use of nature journals is not new. Lewis and Clark and, later, naturalist Thomas Nuttall used them extensively during their explorations of the northwest. The nature journals of Ernest Thompson Seton, John Muir, and Beatrix Potter are examples of the tradition of using narrative and art in combination to communicate keen and careful observations. See the rest of article here.

A sneaky home school mom will take advantage of her children’s “finds” by occasionally turning them into a lesson of sorts. To do this, you need a Nature Notebook. Any blank book will do for a Nature Notebook …. Working alongside your children and filling out your own Notebook will provide your children with an inspiring example. Allow them to tell about their “finds.” Then see how well you, and they, can draw a picture that resembles the real thing. When the drawing is complete, encourage the children to record their descriptions or “tellings” on the opposite page of the Notebook. —From an Article by Karen Andreole
I thought those quotes were very inspiring and I thought you might think so also!!
Resources for Nature Journaling
How to make a very simple rustic looking Nature Journal.
Awesome article with ideas (links) for drawing in your nature Journal. Take your time and enjoy it all.
All the abve articles come from Barb at Handbook of Nature Study Blog. I encourage you to check out her whole site it is a wonderful Nature resource!!!!
Don’t forget to check out thus blog ALL ABOUT HIM for some great Nature links that would be helpful to you during any season!
All About Him Creation Club September 25th Meeting
We will enjoy the afternoon together out in God’s Creation by discussing a little about the season of Fall/Autumn, each child or family (depending on how my supplies hold out =o) will have the opportunity to make a cute, simple and rustic nature journal to specifically use during this Fall Season, we will also enjoy a nature walk together on our property and we’ll get some much needed (according to our society) “social” time.
Things to bring:
1. Comfortable clothes and shoes (that are o.k. to get dirty……just in case=o) 2. Nature Journals if you already have one, Pencils (regular or colored), crayons, etc. to use in your nature journals. 3. Sheet or something to sit on
4. Something to lean on when drawing, etc.. 5. Anything else you want to have for you and your children while on a Nature Walk or outside in God’s Creation, ex. Container for critters, bags for collecting leaves, etc Magnifying glass and so on. For more ideas on what might be great to have just check out this blog.
6. First Aid items 7. Water and snack for your family
** Moms encourage your children to share a nature drawing, journal entry, poem, photograph, story or fact, etc.. with the group. I will make time for our children to share with one another if they want to. I also want to have the children take turns reading our nature scripture, poem, quote, etc.. each month and if any of them feel up to I would ask them to offer a prayer to God our Creator. I will NOT call on the children this will be completely up to them if they want to do any of this.**
I wanted to say that at anytime if anyone wanted to bring and share with the group drinks or a snack you are more than welcome!!! I know there are moms out there who love to cook and bake, etc.. so please feel free to share your gift with the rest of us, LOL!
Well, I think that is all!! I do not have any worksheets or notebook pages for you this time since I have planned for us to make Nature journals, I hope you won’t be disappointed =o) Be Blessed and I look forward to seeing you and your children next week!!! —Angie in GA
P.S. If you haven already please see my polls on the front page of my blog to cast your vote for a day and time for the ALL About Him Creation Club!!

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