A Family Update

The other day we were watching a video from the library called the Joy of Bach. We were watching it because Bach is the Composer we are learning about right now. After watching the video they decided they wanted to make their own music and my youngest said that he was making music for God NOW that is so sweet and so good for a mama to hear!!!
Look at this web the boys pointed out to me, isn’t it beautiful. I never saw the spider and the web was gone just a day later but I am glad it was there when it was and that we got to see it.
One very comfortable Saturday morning we were “doing” school outside. After we had read the bible, went over our memory verses, sign language, Spanish and I had read a story from one of our school books I got up to throw the ball to my youngest, he really wanted me to do it (he had been begging for a little while =o) !!! I turned it into a Math lesson by having him count how many times he hit the ball and I also introduced a little bit of addition to him. He had no idea we were “doing” school he just knew his mom was throwing the ball to him like he wanted so he was very happy!! After I had thrown the ball to him for a while I looked over at my oldest and noticed that he had sat down and he was reading so I looked closer and I noticed he was reading (trying) from his very own bible. Now that’s something that does a mama good to see!!!
Here is our Writing Spider that has been hanging around for almost a month (I think). This is the third time we caught her wrapping up a victim and every time the boys and I think it is so cool =o)
Last night we watched a Documentary on the Colossal squid which is the largest squid in the world. Our boys saw a preview for it the day before and they made me write a note so we wouldn’t forget it was coming on. Our oldest once again wants a “squid” birthday party but not just any squid, now it has to be a Colossal Squid. =o) Watch Video’s on the Discovery Channel’s Website about the Colossal Squid .
Today I pulled my bread machine out and our youngest helped measure and pour the ingredients to make a loaf of Honey and Oat Bread. It was wonderful but the loaf is so small. I have got to find a way to make bigger loaves. My oldest also helped make a homemade Granola snack. I do not know if it came out like it is supposed too because it was the first time I’ve made anything like this but I like it. I haven’t had the boys try it yet, tomorrow will be the test. I really have been thinking about the whole “eating healthy” thing. When you hear about people that grind their own wheat to make home made bread (which I am in AWE of these people), Organic foods, Raw milk, cooking and baking from scratch, growing your own foods and so much more and it begins to make you wonder……..are you doing enough. Well, I want to do enough for my boys, my hubby and myself. So I started a while back researching all this stuff and there is so much information out there it can be a little over whelming BUT I am slowly wading through all of it and I am slowly making some changes around here. I’ll keep you posted and a will post later with resources and maybe even recipes I find.

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