Outdoor Hour-Nature Close To Home #28: Dragonflies and Damselflies

Dragonflies and Damselflies God’s Whimsical Creatures
(Click on All pics to Enlarge)
A pond without dragonflies darting above it, or without the exquisitely iridescent damsel flies clinging to the leaves of its border would be a lonely place indeed………………..Despite all the slander, the Dragonflies remain not only entirely harmless to man, but in reality his friends and allies in waging war against flies and mosquitoes;……….

—-Quote from the Handbook of Nature Study

This past Saturday morning we went for a walk around our lake in hopes that we would see Dragonflies and Damselflies which are the insects we are focusing on this week. We were blessed to see an abundance of them. We really enjoyed the morning for many reasons: it was a beautiful day, the temperature was great, we were together, we were outside, we got to see many of these little creatures, we even got a few good pictures of them, the boys picked a few flowers for me, we saw bees (which was our focus last week), my oldest found a fish skeleton which he thought was really cool, we found Nymph Cicada Shells on the tree we always find them on and after they sketched for their Nature Scrapbooks they started sketching pictures for each other (it was so cute=o). It was a very good day and these little flying creations of our God are a wonder to behold.

Dragonfly Coloring Sheet


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