Art Lesson #4

Color Wheel, Shapes, Vertical, Diagonal, Horizontal Lines and Circular Motion.
This lesson started with the boys making their our own Color Wheel. The Color wheel consist of these colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Orange and Green. I made all the wheels a little different and I let the boys choose what they wanted to use to color the wheels, such as Markers, Crayon or Colored pencils. We talked about primary colors and what happens when you start mixing colors together. Then we moved on to shapes and I had them go on a shape scavenger hunt so they could use them for their next project. They traced or sketched free handed different shapes then they colored the shapes using the colors from the color wheel.
Here are the results: You can see their Colors Wheels and their Shapes. Here is an idea to go along with the color wheel. Make it into a spinning wheel and let them spin it and hunt for that color in the house or on a work of Art. You could also let them spin it and create a picture just using that color or you could have them start with that color and spin again and so on and so on until they completed their picture. I’m sure you can come up with even better ideas. I just thought it would add some ‘extra’ fun to the lesson. We then talked very briefly about lines: Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal and circular motions.
here are the next pictures they did and it called for them to really use their imagination. They had to pick one or a couple shapes and create a picture using those shapes. When they completed their pictures I ask them to point out the different lines and or motion they used in their picture.
Artist: Erastus Salisbury Field, Title: The Garden of Eden.
Artist: Frank Weston Benson, Title: Calm Morning, 1904
To end the lesson I used these paintings above to ask the boys to show me examples of Colors, Shapes, Vertical, Horizontal, Diagonal lines and Circular motion. This was a very FUN lesson, my oldest actually said that this was the best lesson ever, the others were good too but this one was the best =o)
The next Art Lesson will be more about Lines and Motions but we will also be adding a really FUN kind of line………..SWIRLY Lines!! Until then have FUN with your kids using ART!!

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