All About Him Creation Club

The First All About Him Creation Club meeting was Fantastic!

Here are a few pics from the meeting and I thought the B/W Coloring Sheet editing I did to the pics hid every one’s identity and added a fun element to the pictures!

Click on ALL pics to see an Enlarged version and to print one off to color =o)

Here is our group pics!
I didn’t do an official count but I believe we had 12 moms (counting myself) and 28 kids.

Here we have a little girl working on her nature drawings and a couple of other kids (including my boys) and a mom relaxing while we were having a little break before our next activity.

In these pics we are playing our 5 senses games. The kids took turns being blind folded and they got to use their senses other than sight. For example they smelled vanilla, (They were also supposed to smell my Herbs but I forgot to grab them at the last minute =o( They felt cotton and various “nature” items such as bark, grass, leaves, sticks, etc..) and a Rooster named reddy, they tasted honey and they listened and shared what they heard.
God blessed us with a Wonderful day: the sun was shining, the ground was dry, occasionally we had a nice breeze, it wasn’t too hot or too humid, we had plenty of shade, we had a super group of kids and moms, He even blessed us by allowing the children and moms to come across some really cool and interesting things to touch, taste, see, hear & smell out in HIS Creation. That doesn’t count what I had planned out for them to use their senses on. I am just talking about the great things that were observed during our time together. (ex. Cicada Nymph Shells, Spittle Bug’s “home”, Crickets, Grasshoppers, Kudzu Blossoms, Assassin Bug, Stink Bug, etc….) I loved it every time one of the kids came up to show me what they had found or to tell me about what they saw. I could go on and on………….cause you know I am a “talker” =O) but I won’t ! As I said before it was Fantastic. For everyone that was unable to come, I missed ya and I hope we will see you at the next one! I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the MOMS you were GREAT!!! You were a joy to be with and a huge help!! It was so nice to either see you again (If I already knew you) or to see you for the first time!! Moms please tell you children I said Thank You for being so good, that it was great to meet them and that I had a lot of FUN with them today!!
Now I just wanted to share some of the things that we saw today and I have included some great links so you can help your children learn more about these fascinating things that are out in God’s Creation. Here Goes…………

pic from Wikipedia
While we were walking one of the kids noticed that I had a bug on my shoulder and it happened to be the Stink Bug! Of course I let it crawl on me for a wee little bit until my oldest saved me by flicking it off =o)

I showed everyone our Writing Spider we have had for about 3-4 weeks right off our front porch. Check out my post about the Writing Spider to find out all about it, the post also has some great resources you might enjoy.
Several of the children observed or caught Crickets or grasshoppers. One of the girls caught a grasshopper and tried to throw it into the spiders web for the Spider to catch and eat. It didn’t stick to the web and it escaped with it’s life. So I thought you might find my post on Crickets and Grasshoppers interesting or at least informative. =o)
******************** *******************
Here is a Great site on Spittle Bug’s and a couple of great links with information on this interesting creature.
*********************** ***************

Pic from Wikipedia
Here is an AWESOME site all about Cicada’s. This site has wonderful pics and complete information. There is also a video clip photo of a Cicada coming out of it’s shell. Your kids will love it!!
Pic from Wikipedia
Here is a great site on How-to-Grow and take care of Muscadines and here is a link to the Wkipedia aticle on Muscadines.
Here is a recent post on the Assassin Bug.

Pics from Wikipedia
Here is some information from the Kudzu article at Wikipedia. I was amazed that it said you could eat Kudzu. So the next Creation Club I say for snack time we just go tear us off some Kudzu leaves. I’ll provide Ranch Dressing, can someone provide the bowls =o)

Seriously though this so interesting!!!

Food: The non-woody parts of the plant are edible. The young leaves can be used for salad or cooked as a leaf vegetable, the flowers battered and fried (like squash flowers), and the starchy tuberous roots can be prepared as any root vegetable. The starchy roots are ground into a fine powder, known as kuzu, and used for varieties of Wagashi and herbal medicines. When added to water and heated, kudzu powder becomes clear and adds stickiness to the food. It is sometimes known as “Japanese arrowroot“, due to the similar culinary effect it produces.[3] Its leaves are high in vitamins A and C, as well as calcium and protein. Its roots are rich in starch and its flowers are an excellent honey source.[4] The name Kudzu appeared first in Kojiki and Nihonshoki as a type of vine or Kazura used commonly by the people who lived in Kuzu, an area around present-day Yoshino, Nara prefecture. It is unclear whether the name was taken from the people or the name of the plant was applied to the people. Kudzu has been used for over 1300 years and it is speculated its use goes back even further. Records from the Nara and Heian era indicate that kudzu was collected and sent as a part of tax. Even today, “Yoshino Kudzu” has the best image of kudzu powder. The Kagoshima prefecture is the largest producer of kudzu products.[citation needed] Jelly: The purple flowers of Kudzu are also used to make a sweet jelly. This jelly is well known in the southern United States. This jelly has been described as tasting like either a cross between apple jelly and peach jelly or bubblegum. (One of the moms today told me she does this, that was the first time I had ever heard of this) The viscous substance has a golden yellow color. Now look at this: Medicane-Kudzu root compounds can affect neurotransmitters (including serotonin, GABA, and glutamate) and it has shown value in treating migraine and cluster headache.[10].

WOW!! Aren’t all these plants, food and creatures COOL =o) Didn’t I tell you that God had a purpose for everything and every part of His Creation!!


Mom’s don’t forget to talk to your children about what the meeting was about. (Thinking BIG using our 5 senses out in God’s amazing Creation!!) Talk to them about what they heard, tasted, smelled, touched and saw today. It would be great to take at least one thing they observed and find out more about it, if they haven’t already let them “write” about it or let them draw a picture of it. (The one thing you research or of everything if they want to! =o)


Here are more suggestions for your family to enjoy until the next AAH Creation Club meeting in September. If you printed off the worksheets for this meeting you could take the time with your children to actually go through them step by step. That would be a great way to recap what they saw and heard today =o)


Each week try to go outside at least 30mins. specifically to observe nature. Go for a walk, have a picnic, look all around, look right in front of you, pick a flower and try to identify it, use your senses and just enjoy the world that God has created. Try to also take time to study and document at least one thing you observed. Make a list, sketch, paint, create a story or a poem. Do whatever strikes your fancy but when you document these little adventures out in God’s Creation you have wonderful memories and new knowledge to look back on!!


Please share your adventures with us!! Add your link for this month’s nature adventure’s from your blog to the Mr. Linky on this blog or just post a comment here about your Nature adventures. Send me a picture or two so I could post them to the blog if you don’t have a blog to posted them to yourself =o) That way we can all join in on the fun and learn from and be inspired by each other.


Hopefully everyone can get outside at least a little everyday or a little each week but if you can’t for some reason there are other ways to enjoy and appreciate God’s Creation.
1. Nature Documentaries
2. Nature art
3. Nature crafts
4. PBS, Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel have some great nature shows
5. Read stories that introduce you to God’s Creation.
6. Have a Bird Feeder and watch the birds that come eat.
7. Study things that you have observed when you were outside.
8. Visit some great Nature Friendly Websites
9. Enjoy Nature Magazines
10. Sit, read, play and eat in front of a window so you can stay catch glimpses of God’s wonderful creation.
11. Visit a local Nature Center in your area.

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