Wow, look what we saw………

Yea!! Our one surviving seed turned sprout from our Sunflower challenge finally blossomed!! I did notice one Aphid on it so I may have to try the dish washing liquid trick I read about to see if I can keep the Aphids away so maybe our Sunflower will make it. (Home remedy for aphids. You can kill aphids by spraying, especially under the leaves, with a solution of 2 tsp mild dish or laundry soap to a bottle of luke warm water. The soap washes off the aphid’s protective waxy coating and causes dehydration)
These are pictures of things we saw out in God’s Creation over the past week. The 1st pictures is of our eight Nymph Cicada Shells we found on one tree at the same time, there was a ninth one but I couldn’t reach it. The 2nd picture is of a snake that was found in the pool yesterday where we were having a Home School Pool Party. I believe it is a Northern Water Snake (Non-Venomous).
Thank You Father we are getting eggs again from at least one of our chickens. We have gotten three this past week. Now we just need the other 13 Hens to start laying =o)
This is a little Frog that my dear husband found and we put him in with our crickets to observe him for a little while. I looked and looked and looked but I was unable to identify it.
Here is a Green heron we’ve had hanging around our little lake for the past couple of weeks. Here we are using our Discovery Scope again to examine a dead dragonfly we found.
Here I am measuring the Writing Spider we have had in the front of the house for about two weeks.
Look we finally got our HERBS transplanted into our new Herb garden, I hope they make it!! Our herbs are Rosemary, Chives and Sage. I hope you enjoyed a quick peek into what we saw out in God’s Creation this past week.

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