Update: Wall Time Line

Well, I have started using my Wall Time line and I am so happy with it and my hubby for making it! I decided to use colored index cards just so there wouldn’t be so much white. My hubby thought there should be a background to it, like a world map but I thought it would look to ‘busy’ once you started getting your cards up there. Please tell me what you think, should there be some type of back ground and if so what kind?
I will be getting even smaller clips but that’s all the store had when I went to get some. To make the cards I am just printing off clip art of time line figures from the Internet. I will share some resources below. I got a few of these recently from a couple of sweet moms from a”kinda” local HS group. (Thanks ladies =o) Oh, I measured it tonight and of course I may be just wee bit off but I measured from the outside and got 68″ in length and 36″ in height. I do believe a time line is an awesome visual for your kids to be able to start piecing History together and to really start understanding it as a whole so I am so glad my hubby took the time to do this for me!!!! (Love ya Babe and Thanks again!!!)
**I will soon add a materials list **

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