The Writing Spider Reminds Us God is a God of Detail

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In the past month we have come across four of the “Writing Spiders”. Well, this one is right outside our front porch. We have been watching her for about a week now. Tonight we got to see this……Quality entertainment…………Nature Up Close and Personal!! As far as spiders go this one really is a beauty. Look at the detail on the top and bottom of this lady. Wow, when you think that God designed every detail of this creature and the wonderful details of it’s web……’s truly amazing!!!! God is not just a God of the Big Picture, He is also the God of every detail that makes up that Big Picture. He created this lady and He made a way for her to obtain what she Needs daily BUT, yes there is a BUT, she has to do what He created her to do, she has to be what He created her to be. When she falls in with His plan she reaps the rewards……….a nice juicy treat =o) Let the “Writing Spider” remind you that God is the God of every detail of your life and He has made a way for you in this life………….so daily choose to do what he created you to do and be who He created you to be and you will also reap your own juicy treat!!! ( Psalms 27:4 & Hebrews 11:6)

*******(Information below from Wikipedia)*******

In North America,
Argiope aurantia is commonly known as the “black and yellow garden spider”, or “writing spider,”………………The very easily visible pattern of banded silk made by Argiope is pure white, and some species make an “X” form, or a zigzag type of web (often with a hollow center). The spider then aligns one pair of its legs with each of the four lines in the hollow “X,” making a complete “X” of white lines with a very eye-catching spider colored bright yellow on a field of black or variegated red white and yellow stripes forming its center. The white patterns are called stabilimentum and reflect UV light. They have been shown to play a role in attracting prey to the web, and possibly to prevent its destruction by large animals………………….The male spider is much smaller than the female, and unassumingly marked. When it is time to mate, he spins a companion web alongside the female’s. After mating, the female lays her eggs, placing her egg sac into the web. The sac contains between 400 and 1,400 eggs. These eggs hatch in autumn, but the spiderlings overwinter in the sac and emerge during the spring…………….Like almost all other spiders, Argiope are harmless to humans. Like most garden spiders they eat insects, and they are capable of consuming prey up to 200% of their size. They might bite if grabbed, but other than for defense they have no interest in biting humans………….The venom is not regarded as a serious medical problem for humans, although they often contain a library of polyamine toxins with potential as therapeutic medicinal agents.[4] Among these, the notable Argiotoxin ArgTX-636 (A. lobata).
The Writing Spider
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