Art Lesson #2


Here is the same (close anyway) picture but my oldest used more positive (light) in one and more negative (dark) space in the other. Oh, yea the picture is of two sea monsters coming up and shooting fire at a ship.
Here my youngest used positive space (light) and negative space (dark) to create a picture of him swimming fast to get away from a shark.

If you wanted to offer an Art lesson like this to your dc remember to show them Art work that uses these methods and maybe even pictures or photographs in your home that show this type of contrast. Also be willing to sit and draw with them.

Great materials for contrast pictures: Black paper and chalk.

(noun) – A principle of art, contrast refers to the arrangement of opposite elements (light vs. dark colors, rough vs. smooth textures, large vs. small shapes, etc.) in a piece so as to create visual interest, excitement and drama. The colors white and black provide the greatest degree of contrast. Complementary colors also highly contrast with one another. An artist can employ contrast as a tool, to direct the viewer’s attention to a particular point of interest within the piece.
(noun) – An element of art, space refers to distances or areas around, between or within components of a piece. Space can be positive (white or light) or negative (black or dark), open or closed, shallow or deep and two-dimensional or three-dimensional. Sometimes space isn’t actually within a piece, but the illusion of it is. Pronunciation: spays. Examples: “Space is the breath of art.” – Frank Lloyd Wright


Here is what looks like a great link with lots of Information and more links on everything ART. On my sidebar you will also find more great links for Art appreciation and Hands On Art.


Next week we will be working more with Contrast and reviewing Lesson #1 Center of Interest.
Look on my Sidebar to see the Art Curriculum where I am getting my ideas for lesson plans. I am not using the book exactly as is but I am using it as a place to start.

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