Update nature Challenge #24: We Have Crickets and Grasshoppers

(Click on Pics to enlarge)
Last night we went on another Cricket Hunt and it was a great SUCCESS!! We were able to catch one Black Cricket, and four Grasshoppers (two of the grasshoppers are just wee little ones). We already had their home set up and all we had to do was add water, grass, leaves, lettuce, cheerios & small pieces of potato. We got all the info on caring for them, out of the book I mentioned in my first post on Crickets. My husband said when he left for work that it sounded like a rain forest =o). Yes, they were LOUD last night. We learned only the males make the music . Right now I don’t know how many males or females we have? I plan on only keeping them for a couple of days so we can observe them UP-ClOSE. So far it’s been lots of fun!! Guess What? Crickets and Grasshoppers have five eyes and their ears are on their legs =o) God’s Creation is Amazing as well as INTERESTING!!!

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