We’re playing Chess =o)

If you read my “1st day of school” post you’ll see where I mentioned the book above. Well, I can’t say enough about it. The boys and I just love it! We are a little over half way done with it but we love it, we are having such fun reading it. With what we’ve read so far and we just started reading it two days ago, we were able to actually play Chess tonight. I just can’t believe how much we enjoyed. It was so exciting!! I can see why they say this game exercises the brain my brain felt tired when we were done =o) What’s so much fun is because the book is set up to help you see each piece as a real person like the Pawn (foot soldier), Knight (an actual Knight =o), king, etc.. so when we were playing I know that’s why we were really enjoying it. I know the boys were really seeing it as a real battle, capturing real people and really taking or losing the King. If you’ve never played the game I would encourage you to learn it and play it. Also if you do want to learn I would encourage you to check this book out. Now we still have a long way to go but that is what is exciting is that we are already having fun and we barely know what we’re doing so that means when we really know what we’re doing it will just get even better!
“From School Library Journal: Grade 4 Up– Instead of technical language and difficult diagrams, The Kids’ Book of Chess explains all the basic elements of the game in a colorful, dramatic story of the medieval battlefield that the chessboard represents. All the pieces from pawn to king are introduced according to the role they play in the chess game and compared to their actual role in medieval life. How to begin the game, move the pieces, and develop a winning strategy are well described in clear, simple text; accurate diagrams; and delightful illustrations of medieval life. This a revision of Kidder’s 1970 Illustrated Chess for Children (Doubleday; o.p.). New drawings, illustrations, and a slightly different format make this a welcome addition for novice and experienced chess lovers. –Pamela K. Bomboy, Chesterfield County Public Schools, VACopyright 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc.
Product Description: Illustrated Chess for Children was originally published in 1970. Now renamed, updated, newly illustrated, and presented with a custom-designed chess board and full set of chess pieces, the kids’ book of chess and chess set introduces kids to the game that’s inspired passion and challenge for over 900 years. Fantasy art captures the energy and excitement of chess’s origins-the medieval battlefield-while a direct, lively text explains the game and its pieces in light of history. Readers are led through the fundamentals of beginning, middle, and end game, and shown winning strategies for offense and defense.


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