Outdoor Hour-Nature Close To Home #24: Crickets Challenge

Check out this BOOK above, we did and we enjoyed it. It has great pictures! Below are pictures from our Afternoon and Night Time Cricket Hunt.
Here we are starting out on our afternoon Cricket Hunt this was after we read the above book.
Here my youngest is pointing out one of the biggest Spider Webs I have ever seen in my life and in the next pic my oldest had caught this little moth while we were walking.

Here we head out on our Night Time Cricket Hunt. It was a lot of fun!! The 2nd pic is of me shining the flashlight on a wee little Cricket so the boys could try to catch it. You see this afternoon we had prepared our empty of fish aquarium for the arrival of Crickets. We wanted to be able to observe one or two or…..who knows, for a couple of days. On our night walk we spotted but couldn’t catch two crickets BUT we also spotted three different frogs one of them must have just turned into a frog because it was so small. We also saw two spiders and a slug. It was a very interesting walk!! It was nice because in the dark you get to see nature in a whole new light………..if you know what I mean =o) The two pictures below are of the home we have prepared for we hope a cricket but who knows what we might put in there first. Tomorrow after church we will be taking time to sketch in our Nature Journals about Crickets and our two Nature Walks. Once again we have had another successful Nature Study!! Thanks again Barb at Heart of Harmony.
Here is the left side of our tank tank and next is the right side of the tank. We have leaves, sand, the aquarium rocks and bigger rocks we have found on different trips outdoors.

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