My Boys Art Work

Yes, I am a proud mom. =o) I was proud not only of their pictures but the fact that they did this on their own. I usually get them to sit down and we do the sketches together but this week I just told them what the Sketch of the week was and told them they could do it anytime they wanted. They brought me their pictures Iwell, our youngest was motivated by his older brother) and a short time later my oldest brings another picture he sketched of our painting we are using for Art Appreciation.
I don’t know why I thought it was so great but I just did!!
This week’s Sketch of the week: Something Sour……… my oldest sketched some sliced pickels.
I know it is tough to see (you can click on pic to enlarge) but my youngest sketched a sour Tangerine =o) and the bottom pic is of last week’s sketch of the week: something with wings………….and this is a Butterfly.
My oldest was sketching his version of this painting of a pair of Peregrine Falcons eating by John J. Audubon.

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