Our First Day of School

The boys woke up on their own about 7:15am I believe. They were ready to get started. They first read a letter I wrote to them that my oldest requested I write =o) explaining that this was the first day of 1st grade for him and we would read about Vikings and Knights, do Science experiments and have lots of Fun. Well, I did write that and a few other things that were more personal. I then got them to trace a foot and a hand and write their name, age and the date just for a keepsake and after that they ran and got dressed while I fixed breakfast (nothing fancy but what they like =o). We did a few chores and then we had a special devotion and prayer over our new school year. We sang “I love you Lord”, I read from Duet. 6:4-7 (I used my oldest new Bible-NLT), I read our Motto for our Home School which is like a pledge and prayer in one and then I prayed over the boys. We then started out by them making their own calender for the month of August. This of course covered the concept of time, handwriting practice, math, etc.. We moved on to our daily bible reading, memory work, we read about Jenny Wren in the Burgess Bird Book for Children and we did a little nature study on Wrens (specifically Carolina Wrens), we did some verbal math games, we took “school” pictures on the front porch and while outside we were able to do a mini nature study on a Writing Spider, we also started a Science Experiment……growing Crystals (or Rock candy). They both love doing these type of activities. We will now watch and wait =o) Now it was time to get ready because we were taking a field Trip to celebrate our 1st Day………..we were going to Chucky Cheese for Pizza and games. We had also invited their Mee Maw and two of their cousins. After we were ready they had a few more minutes so I sent them off with a Math assignment. They had to go build something withs 16 Lego Pieces, they had to use at least three different colors and they had to use a couple of matching shapes. So they were off and of course I didn’t tell them this was math until they were complete. They didn’t care they loved it!! Well we went on our field trip and had a great time and even ran a couple of errands. We left about 10:15am and were back about 2:00pm. At this time they started a Craft/Art project, it was a little wood building kit. We got them at Micheal’s for a $1 and it had everything in the kit you needed to complete the project. I was really amazed especially at the price. They really enjoyed this, especially our oldest and he completed his without any help from me!! My oldest and I had a reading lesson and then the rest of our day consisted of reading from several books (History, Literature: Myths, Fables), they decorated their notebooks that will hold “paper” work, art, etc.. from this school year and we read from this children’s How-to-play Chess book which the boys are loving and they can’t wait until we are able to play Chess!! We enjoyed our time after “school” also and we ended it by starting a new bed time read-a-loud book, it’s called a Dangerous Journey. I love it , they love it and my oldest did not want me to stop. Actually he said that about every book we read from today!! Yea, it’s great to hear your child beg to read more instead of begging to stop!! It was a wonderful first day and as we were heading to their rooms for them to go to bed my oldest stated several times and very emphatically that he LOVED 1st grade!!! I was one happy camper at the end of this day. God truly blessed our time together and I trust He will continue to do so!!! I thank God I have the opportunity to Home School our boys and to be able to experience these things with them!!

(Below are a few pictures from our 1st day of school)


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