Outdoor Hour-Nature Close To Home #23: Moths (and Update on Butterfly Challenge)

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This past weeks challenge was on Moths and we did have fun with it. We also spent more time this week than the week before on Butterflies. It was a wonderful time for “nature” because we were on a family camping trip enjoying God’s amazing Creation!! To start with I will tell you about our night time Moth Hunt. We started out in the dark and our oldest was carrying a battery operated lantern and our youngest had a flashlight. We walked down this trail hoping they would fly to the light. Alas they did not but we were also shining the light on trees, leaves, etc.. to see if we found any. Alas we did not so we came to a spot and put the lights down and sat a couple of feet away hoping again they would fly to the light. Alas they did not but I knew where we would be able to see some ……………………..at the bathhouse and when we got there I had been right. The boys spotted the moth in the 2nd pic above in the men’s bathroom. Our Moth Hunt had been a success and everyone was happy!!

On this camping trip we took two of our nephews and they stayed with us for half the time. They loved camping with us and our boys loved having them there!! In the picture above We had just headed out for our nature walk where we are on the look out for Butterflies. My youngest immediately spots a………………….spider web not a butterfly but that brings up the question from the boys “can they look for anything or do they just have to look for Butterflies.” Of course I told them they could find (observe) anything they wanted but they still needed to keep their eyes open for Butterflies.
Here the boys spot a Green Heron and were very happy they did. We saw at least two Green Herons everyday while camping, they were a lot of fun to watch. Next one of my nephews found what looked like a dried up mushroom, he was proud of his find. Next we have a wee little empty snail shell that I found and that my youngest was proud to hold for the photo. Next we have a squirrel that must have been so intent on eating that he did not notice one excited lady with a camera and four loud little boys right under him. Well we continued on our walk and the boys ended up having fn climbing on some big rocks after a while it was time to head back and almost right after I spoke those words a BIG beautiful Tiger Swallow fluttered by us. I wasn’t able to get a picture but that’s o.k. the moment is etched on our minds. The boys were very satisfied that they were able to see a butterfly before we went back to our camp.
The 2nd pic is a tree full of holes from a Yellow-bellied SapSucker Wood pecker.
The two Yellow Red Flowers are called Jewel weed and lots of times you find them growing around Poison Oak or Ivy because the juice is an antidote for those two plants.
The above pictures are of things we found on one of our nature walks later in the week when we were still hoping to see Butterflies and maybe even a resting Moth. It was a great walk because we saw such a variety of God’s handy work.
Yes the last walk mentioned above was also successful because when we were half way through the walk we noticed this beauty flying around and THANK GOD I was able to get these shots of it!! Our boys were so excited, “almost” as excited as I was. What made this walk even better was that my oldest spotted a resting moth almost right after we saw the butterfly. That moth is above in the very first pic. in my post. It was a truly wonderful week out in God’s Creation!!
In my original post on Butterflies I have included some great resources on both Butterflies and Moths.

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