Outdoor Hour-Nature Close To Home #22: Butterflies

This butterfly we actually saw a couple of weeks ago and over these last couple of weeks we have seen butterflies but not in great numbers. We have experienced several times now a butterfly landing on one of us for a couple of seconds. That is always such a wonderful awe-filled moment. After I read Barb’s Out door Hour Challenge Post on Butterflies I have tried to really keep my eyes open when we’ve been out but I never had my camera when we saw a butterfly. One morning after letting the chickens out we spotted and was able to watch a Tiger Swallowtail fluttering around us for a few minutes. It was as always a lovely sight! I do have a book by the nature author Jim Arnosky I picked up from the library and I look forward to enjoying it with the boys as we keep our eyes peeled for God’s Beautiful Butterflies and His Marvelous Moths (for challenge #23) while we are on our upcoming family camping trip!
I also found this site with great Butterfly and Moth resources for kids. What do you know here is another great site for a variety of resources. Here’s what looks like two great book list for kids on this topic. Here is a Butterfly coloring sheet and a Moth coloring sheet .
I also just wanted to take a quick moment to share some pics from a few old Nature Challenges and just some other Nature Close to Home pics =o) These two are of our two boys helping mom spread out pine straw on a flower and herb garden we still have not finished.
These pics are the different things we have planted and we you can see none of them are doing good. I don’t know why? I have taken care of them as well as I know how. The last pic is of a sunflower that sprouted but what is sad is that it’s the only sprout out of six sunflower seeds. When I started this planting I was worried about this but that’s just what happens sometimes and it’s just another life lesson for my boys.
The boys get a daily Up Close Chicken Nature Study even when they enjoy an afternoon swim.
Here we are enjoying some of God’s wonderful and tasty goodies that our Lord created for us to enjoy…………Watermelon and apples. I am the one in the blue shirt and in the 2nd pic my boys are the ones in the white tank tops.
The first pic is of a Writing or Garden Spider we spotted while we were looking for eggs in our pasture. We didn’t find any chicken eggs but we we happy we found this interesting part of God’s creation! The 2nd pic is of the Cross Vine Flower and we have been enjoying spotting these in many places since this spring when I 1st noticed them and identified what they were. I think they are so beautiful and I love the story behind them. Here is the story I read in my North American Field guide :

“If you cut the stem of a Cross Vine you will see the pattern of a cross on the face of the cut—-a key symbol in the eyes of the priests and missionaries who accompanied many of the early explorers to the southeast. The group has only one species.”


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