Insects you might find in a Flower Garden

One of our recent Sketch of the week assignments was to sketch something you would find in a garden. I picked two insects you might see in a flower/wildflower garden. Here is some info on the insects just in case your interested =o)
Green Lacewing
(pic from wikipedia)
“Adults are crepuscular or nocturnal. They feed on pollen, nectar and honeydew supplemented with mites, aphids and other small arthropods, and some, namely Chrysopa, are mainly predatory. Others feed almost exclusively on nectar and similar substances, and have symbiotic yeasts in their digestive tract to help break down the food into nutrients[1]. The eggs are deposited at night, singly or in small groups, and sit atop a slender stalk about 1 cm long; one female produces some 100-200 eggs. Eggs are placed on plants, usually when aphids are present nearby in numbers. Immediately after hatching, the larvae moult, then descend the eggstalk to feed. They are voracious predators, attacking most insects of suitable size, especially soft-bodied ones (aphids, caterpillars and other insect larvae, insect eggs, and at high population densities also each other). “–Wikipedia
Aphid-(pic from wikipedia)
“Some species of ants “farm” aphids, protecting them on the plant they eat, and eating the honeydew that the aphids release from their anus; this is a mutualistic relationship. Aphid honeydew is rich in carbohydrates, of which the aphids ingest an excess, being phloem-feeders…”-from Wikipedia

1st pic I took the other day and I think it is of the ants taking care of the aphids as mentioned above. Which is what is going on in the 2nd pic which is from wikipedia. Isn’t it just wild how God created some of HIS creatures to work together to benefit each other!!

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