Update on Our Chickens

The two smaller white chickens in the 1st pic are our newest ones. One of them is a hen we exchanged one of our roosters for. The other white one was given to us. She is a breed that gets fat quick and has shorter legs so she doesn’t move as quickly as the other chickens. The people who gave her to us have LOTS of chickens and they were afraid she would just constantly get picked on. Since we only have 16 chickens (including her) they thought she would be better off. I took these 1st two pics the other night around dark. I went up to the coop to make sure they were all in and this is what I saw when I got there.

I just love seeing the chickens pecking, scratching and walking around our yard. Our gate is closed to our back pasture but they can squeeze through one side of it. They don’t come through the gate everyday but every once in a while a few will come out for a stroll. One day they will be to big to do that so that’s why we are not trying to fix the situation now. Plus I like having them move around closer to the house. The boys were already bare footed swinging on the playground right next to our house and when the chickens got close they ran over there with some bread. As soon as I snapped the pics I made them get their shoes on since chickens will leave something behind as their enjoying their surroundings.

This may sound funny but if I could ask anyone to say a little prayer for our chickens. There seems to be a little sickness going around in our little flock. Our two hens that should be laying eggs still are NOT. I spent a while on the Internet last night trying to find out what it could be but I just do not know. They all are acting fine they just have some symptoms like runny nose, watery eyes and one of them that 1st showed the symptoms has an eye that is closed and staying closed. One of our roosters had one eye that seemed to be swelling up and really watery yesterday. Anyway I know in the “Big Picture” their just chickens but we can’t afford to lose all our chickens and start all over again. Anyway I feel silly now for asking but I know that my God cares about us and even about what seems to be the really small things in our lives.
If anyone that has chickens and would have any advice please leave a comment =o) Thanks!

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