Praise God our oldest is Saved!!!

I just have to share with you something very special that is going on in the life of our oldest son. HE believes, He has confessed……………He Knows Jesus Christ as His Savior………….His Friend!!
I have believed it to be so for a long time. Last summer at VBS he prayed and ask Jesus into his heart and life but the way he acted at the time I just wasn’t sure what to do or say. I just wasn’t quite sure he really “got it”. I prayed for direction from God and just took it one day at a time. Over this past year I have really seen some spiritual growth in him. The questions he ask, things he says, the way he prays, etc.. I have believed for a while that “He gets it…..that he really knows who Jesus is and what HE did for him.” I had even decided recently to get a big boys bible and I was researching different Bible’s for older kids….for boys specifically. Well, VBS rolled around again this summer and he prayed again for Jesus to come into his heart. I already believed our boy was saved but I do believe that “officially praying” at VBS with me as his teacher and having family and friends there made it a very special moment for him to always look back on. The Saturday after VBS we went to a Christian book store and bought him his very own bible. We decided to go with a travel size (good for his hands) bible. It is just a plain ……no bells and whistles…….New living Translation Bible. I decided that I wouldn’t get him one that was specifically for any age or gender so that he really wouldn’t grow out of it. I can always get him specific devotion/study books for him to use as he gets older. He loves the fact he has his own bible, he pulls it out a lot and tries to read from it. (He is a beginner reader). He successfully reads Psalms 23 out of it and that makes him very happy. One last thing I have to share. I walked into his room one night and he was sitting up trying to read from it and when he saw me he said ” oh, I can’t read the bible” I said be patient your just learning to read, it will happen, you will be able to read it, just keep practicing. He said “That’s what I want to do more than anything and to believe in Jesus and follow him!! I said You will learn to read the bible and you do believe in Jesus so now just comes the following part. I have to say I thought my heart would burst. To hear your child say that more than anything else they want to read the word and follow Jesus is definitely the very BEST thing a mom could ever hear!!!
Our youngest son is also showing spiritual growth and wisdom and I do believe he is “getting” it also =o) When we bought our oldest his bible we gave our youngest the bible we had been using for our daily bible readings. We told him it was all his now. We take turns reading from one of their bibles daily and they now carry their own Bible’s to church. Life is good when you “SEE” your children pursuing their God!! Anyway I just had to share……………to testify how awesome our God is and how thankful I am for what He is doing in our boys!!

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