Outdoor Hour-Nature Close To Home #20: Seasonal Tree Observation: Summer

Well, our Outdoor Hour started with observing our Sun Flowers under our bird feeder. We are so happy that a few of the seeds made it passed the birds and squirrels to take root (shallow roots) and grow into what will be beautiful Sun Flowers. The 2nd pic was actually 2 days after we had our Outdoor Hour when I took the 1st pic.

I couldn’t help take a pic of this little lightening Bug that I noticed on the way to our Tree. Our boys of course couldn’t pass the opportunity to step down into the mud on the side of the lake on our way to our Tree. The 3rd pic is of our TREE: We picked a Red Maple to do a “Four Season Tree Focus.” We picked it back in the Spring. Now we are here to observe it in the season of Summer.

I asked the boys what they noticed about the tree, the trunk and the leaves that was different than when we picked it in the Spring. The first thing my oldest said was that something had been eating on the leaves and He also noticed as I did several spider webs on the trunk. My observation was at a distance the tree didn’t seem as vibrant, the green looked dull, the leaves were really damaged from some hungry critters and the leaves were also wilting from lack of rain.

I counted about 5 or 6 spider webs on just the part of the trunk we could see well. This was the only pic out of about 15 I took of all the webs that turned out decent enough to share =o) As we moved on from our tree our Outdoor hour turned into a game of golf…..well, a new twist on golf anyway. They were trying to hit the water bottle as far as they could and they were having a blast doing it. What can I say boys will be boys!! Actually while this game was going on we were waiting for another glimpse of one of our night time visitors to appear again…….Bats. Yes, I wanted to try to gets some pics of our local nightly insect eaters flying around doing what God created them to do ……………but alas I was never able to get that pic I wanted.

On our way to take care of our chickens we stopped by our One Small Square (that was from the Outdoor Hour #9.) We have kept our markers up for our square this entire time. Several times we have just gone over and looked for something new. We did the same thing tonight. I have to admit by this time my boys were not as interested in observing our OSS as I was. We had been out for quite a while by this time and it was also getting close to dark. Our OSS had really grown up. There were several different kinds of weeds. We also got to see what I believe to be a young Stink Bug. Here are a few links to info. on Stink Bugs:
http://www.whatsthatbug.com/stink.html and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shield_bug . We observed some other things but nothing as interesting as the Stink Bug =o)

Out Outdoor Hour ended with us getting our chickens back in the coop for the night and checking for eggs from our two new laying hens. We were disappointed again because there were none =o( The last pic was from two days later, while I was weeding under the bird feeder I noticed this beetle on this leaf and I thought it was cute!
We once again enjoyed out Outdoor Hour and I hope you get out and enjoy some time outdoors also. God has some amazing things to show you!!

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