Outdoor Hour–Nature Close to Home: #18 Pollen & #19 Germination

I just wanted to say that each section I read out of our book the Handbook of Nature Study makes me appreciate it more and more. I am so glad that Barb at Heart of Harmony has blessed us with the opportunity to see what this book is worth and to enjoy and learn out in God’s Creation with other HS families!

This specific nature Study (time out doors) for us was a combination of challenge #18 & 19. Though we have been observing flowers, insects, bees, pollen, germination, leaves, seeds, etc in our day to day nature experiences. The two above pics our of our accidental Sunflower sprouts under our bird feeder =o)

If you click to enlarge the 1st pic in this group you will notice an ant traveling on the sunflower leaves. The 2nd pic is of our 1st Cicada Nymph Shell that we’ve found this year and the 3rd pic is of an ant traveling on this flower.

The 1st pic here you can also click on to enlarge and you will see an insect on the flower. The 2nd pic is where we chose to take a break and do some nature sketches of things we had observed.

The 3rd is of the different things we found outside: leaves with galls on them, a flower like the one we found the insect and ant on, a couple of small seeds, the cicada shell and a fresh picked plum (from my MIL plum tree) and a plum seed right below it.

the 1st pic is sketched by my oldest it is of the Cicada shell. The 2nd pic is by my youngest and he sketched a tree and below it a leaf with a gall on it.

click on pic to enlarge and you will see the pollen all over this flower!

Here are links I hope might help you enrich and expand your nature studies.

What is a Gall? http://insects.tamu.edu/extension/bulletins/L-1299.html

What about Cicada’s? http://www.cicadamania.com/cicadas/

Yummy Plums: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plum

Why do Ants get on Flowers? (Great site about Ants and pollination in general) http://www.fs.fed.us/wildflowers/pollinators/ants.shtml

All about Sunflowers: http://pick4.pick.uga.edu/nh/tx/Plantae/Dicotyledoneae/Asteraceae/Helianthus/angustifolius/#Geography

All about Germination: (Great site) http://www.urbanext.uiuc.edu/gpe/case3/c3facts3.html

Here are links on updates on some of our recent challenges and on our Nature experiences while on our beach vacation:






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