Update on the growth of all our seeds

The carrot seed has sprouted and grown almost 3″ above the dirt. (I forgot to measure below the dirt =o( The Radish has grown 1 1/4″ above the dirt and last the Onion has grown almost 3″ above the dirt.

This pot we planted Marigold seeds and they have grown 1-1.5″
Here are the Sunflower seeds that we just recently planted and they have grown 1″-2″
Here is Shrek and his “hair” has grown 1-1.5″
This pot we planted Morning Glory Seeds and they have grown 1.5″

In one pot we planted wildflower seeds they sprouted but shortly after disappeared but we now have two wee little sprouts again so hopefully some will make it. In another little pot we planted more wildflower seeds but they didn’t make it either so we put an extra carrot sprout in that pot. Oh, I hope the rest of the seeds make it and we can get to the point where we can stick them all in the ground =o)


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