Green Hour (Nature) Challenge #15 How To Draw-Flower lesson & #16 SunFlowers

Here are our Sunflower seeds we just haven’t gotten around to planting them yet but never FEAR we are still enjoying our “Outside Hour-Nature Close to Home”!! I know I am side tracking a little since below I am sharing all these other (Really Cool) Nature observations and not posting about us planting our Sunflower seeds (yet) but I didn’t think anyone would mind. The point of our Nature studies is to OBSERVE what’s around us and we are doing that!! =o)

This is a Flower I saw when we were in TN last week and I have been unable to identify it, does anyone know what it is?

This is when my boys sat down long enough to draw a flower for their nature Scrapbook.
1st pic is of our Shrek Chia Pet ……my youngest added legs. In the 2nd pic my oldest used is imagination and created a pot of rainbow flowers. The 3rd pic is mine, my youngest wanted me to sketch his pot to show how much his seeds have grown.

Here is what I believe to be a Rat Snake that my youngest spotted right up under our front porch. I know it’s hard to see in the 2nd pic but it is from one end of the pic to the other and it’s curled around the bush with it’s head poking out……it was looking right at me.

This is an update of our Shrek Chia Pet, the 2nd pic is of a New Bird Nest my oldest spotted on our front porch. The 3rd pic is of a Wolf spider with an egg sac and what’s cool is we saw three Wolf Spiders with egg sacs at the same time in the same sheet of plastic we had outside.

1st pic is of the place for our future Herb and Flower Garden, my hubby has been working on it a little bit for me. This mama and her babies I saw in Washington D.C. when I flew up for a day of sight seeing (My 1st trip there, it was awesome and I will be taking my boys there when they get a little older!!!)

The Crater looking things in these pics are of fish beds in our little lake.
We’ve been having a great time with our chickens, this was the first time we let them out of the chicken coop. We have let them out now a couple of times for only a very short time. We will keep doing it for longer and longer until they are outside most of the day (free range), that is on the days we are home all day. We just love our chickens!! =o)

Here is something we were very excited about. It is a Root Viewer and in it we have planted carrot, radishes and onion seeds. I have wanted one of these for so long and the other day my SIL gave this to my boys. I was so excited and even though it’s veggies I thought it went so well with the Nature challenges we have been participating in. The following pics show us planting our seeds and you also see the progress they have been making! The boys have really loved watching them and all the other seeds we have been planting.

Here is a link to my Nature Blogs main page where you can see all my other recent Nature Observations!! Which include Birds of prey and some beautiful flowers we spotted in TN. We have truly been having a great time with these nature studies and with just our everyday sightings of God’s Amazing Creation!! I pray you are also!!!

P.S. I will post about planting our Sunflowers………I promise =o)
Here is the post that shows where we finally planted our sunflower seeds!

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