Green Hour (Nature) Challenges on Flowers Continues

1st: Variety of Wildflower seeds 2nd pic: Marigold seeds 3rd pic Jade Plant

4th & 5th pic: My youngest watering everything we planted (the 5th pic is a patch of ground that we just threw some wildflower seeds out, they were old seeds so I don’t know id anything will happen but he just really wanted to plant all our seeds =o)

Here is my future herb and Flower Garden =o)

The Green Hour Challenge Focus on Flowers has really been inspiring to me and my boys. Yesterday my youngest and I planted more seeds, a piece of a Jade plant my MIL gave us and a Lily that I was given on Mother’s Day by one of my SIL’s and her hubby. We also prepared a place for us to transplant some herbs that I had planted for my grandmother on her property about 6 mo before she passed away. I will also add several types of herbs and I will still have room for some pretty flowers. I want to plant something that might attract butterflies or hummingbirds and we will also put a bird feeder or a bird house there. When you look at the pictures above use your imagination and you can “see” what I am talking about =o) As you see by the afternoon I had already made plans to expand it! We are really having a great time enjoying the world God created for us!!
Here our links to our other Flower Green Hour Challenge post:


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