Our Flower Treasure Hunt

not only turned up a wonderful variety of beautiful flowers but it also turned up a very interesting bug, two different frogs and some mushrooms growing down in an old stump. It was a wonderful Nature walk with my boys. My oldest also found roadkill which both my boys throught was a pretty cool find but I decided not to take a pic of that =o) I don’t have all these identified, YET!! I will come back occasionally to update this post as I find the information I need. This nature walk with my boys was to help us continue our focus on flowers which is part of our Green Hour (Nature) Challenges that we are participating in. (Challenges are from the Heart of Harmony Blog…….you’ll find the link on my sidebar) I hope you enjoy the pics!!

Isn’t God so good to give us such a variety of beautiful and interesting things to find out in His creation!!


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