What do you like best about the Charlotte Mason Method of Home Schooling?


I have to think about this question because I like this method for so many reasons it will be hard to narrow down to one. I may not be able to and that’s o.k. =o) I hope if you have stopped by and your reading this you might take the time to post a comment and leave your answer to this question. Thanks and God Bless!!

Update: “What do I like best about CM? I like so much of it that it really is hard to narrow it down to one. I will go ahead and say that today what I like best about CM is her take on the importance of Nature/getting outside. I am so blessed to be able to really enjoy with my dc the following things: Nature Studies, Natural History Readings, Nature Walks, Nature Journals, Nature Art, Nature photography, Bird Watching and just getting outside. The Lord has truly taught me so much through the effort I have made to make His Creation available to my dc! I love CM’s idea’s behind all this and I am just so thankful that the Lord directed my steps to the CM method.”

Here is a link to a post with lots of Nature/Natural History book suggestion =o)


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