Green Hour (Nature) Challenge #14 Pressing Flowers

This past Saturday my boys and I were just enjoying the morning together outside. We were riding our bikes on the flat part of our driveway beside our little lake. Riding bikes has become the “thing” this week since this past week both my oldest and youngest learned to ride without their training wheels. My youngest had a little accident in rolled into the lake, he wasn’t hurt just wet up to his shorts and mad at his big brother. You see his big brother rode to close to him and it caused him to jerk to the right which was unfortunately toward the lake and even though he saw where he was going and I screamed stop, use your brakes he still went in. Needless to say he wanted to go change. Since it was almost lunch time I made the decision to throw a lunch together so we could have a picnic, enjoy being outside and in God’s creation and ride bikes a little longer. While we were out there I decided to pick a couple of flowers and try to identify them because my youngest had been picking and giving them to me all week. It was then that I remembered the Green Hour #14 that I had just read the night before. So I told the boys we were going to “press” the flowers to put in our Family Nature Journal and in their Nature Scrap Book. We chose a Dandelion and Oxeye daisy for this challenge. After our picnic and time outside was over we headed up to the house and started our flower pressing project.

We used to scrap pieces of wood we found in our basement, two rubber bands and a clean piece of paper for our flower press project. (Thank You Barb at Heart of harmony for your video clip that showed how you have made a simply press out of cardboard) What was fun was when we pressed down on one of the daisies to prepare to fold the paper over we noticed these little bugs (4-5 of them) crawling on the paper under the flower. I could not get a good picture of them and I have yet to make the effort to identify them but I plan on it. The boys thought those wee little bugs were cool. Eventually we folded our paper over our flowers placed the second piece of Wood on top and placed the rubber bands around the wood and then we placed our press under four heavy books (my FIL Law dictionary and the complete works of Shakespeare, Emerson and O’Henry =o). I look forward to continuing this project in a couple of weeks when we pull the flowers out of the press and place them in our nature journal and scrapbook because these flowers will remind us of that day we spent together eating, playing and observing God’s Creation.

A neat thing was when I was placing the press under those books I found a flower I had placed there about 3 weeks ago. I had forgotten about it =o) It is of a Cross Vine. I found a vine of them in the midst of lots of Honeysuckle. It is a beautiful flower. I read the quote below in my North American Field guide

“If you cut the stem of a Cross Vine you will see the pattern of a cross on the face of the cut—-a key symbol in the eyes of the priests and missionaries who accompanied many of the early explorers to the southeast. The group has only one species.”

Here is a sketch of the Cross Vine Flower I recently did for the “Sketch Tuesday” Project given by the Heart of Harmony blog owner.

This past week my boys and I sketched a picture of a Tall Buttercup and I also sketched the Oxeye Daisy (pics below). My boys are more interested in drawing race cars these days so I have only been able to get them to sketch the one flower =o) My youngest put his in there Nature Scrapbook and my oldest gave his pic and a poem he wrote (with a little help from me) to his mee maw and paw paw. Below are pics of my flower sketches and if you can tell I did try to label a few of the flower parts with their “true” names. Thanks Barb for the encouragement I did use a couple of the flower part names this week when we noticed a patch of the Tall Buttercups while my boys were out riding bikes with their cousins in their aunts yard. So if you can tell this Green Hour Challenge along with most of the others we have done so far happened very casually and mostly were completely unplanned. They have happened this way because I took the time to read up on the challenges at Heart of Harmony and read in the Handbook of Nature when it was assigned for the challenge so I already had my mind wrapped around the ideas so when the opportunity presented itself I was ready to jump on it! =o) I encourage anyone who even has the smallest appreciation for God’s Creation to take the time to do these challenges you and anyone who joins you on them will be blessed and you will come to see God our creator in a whole new light!! We live in in a truly fascinating world that God Created and all around us we are witness to God’s amazing power, creativity, His wonderful ways and thoughts that our higher than ours. I encourage you again to take the time to open your eyes and really SEE God in the world around you!!

Here is a link to a new post “Our Flower Treasure Hunt”
Here is a link to the post for our Green Hour Challenge 12 & 13 which started out focus on Flowers

5/23/08 Update:


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