A big accomplishment (riding bikes without training wheels)

Our oldest wasn’t interested in the longest time in riding his bike more than a couple of minutes at a time occasionally and he sure wasn’t interested in learning to ride without the training wheels. We had tried once or twice before but he didn’t like it at all. Well he told his daddy this week he wanted to learn and he did……… in what seemed just a few minutes. I guess when they are really ready for something it just clicks!! =o) Our youngest is still riding with training wheels but it won’t be long now because the day our oldest “got it” our youngest was able to balance for a couple feet by himself. I can’t believe how big my boys are getting. These precious years seem to fly by. That’s why we are trying to use every opportunity to make the most of them!!
***** Update 5/16 our youngest is now riding his back without training wheels!!! I can’t believe it but I guess watching your big brother (2 yrs older) doing something is a pretty big motivation =o)*****


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