Green Hour (Nature) Challenge # 12 & 13 – Flowers and their parts

We were out of town last week so I decided instead of doing double work I would just combine challenge 12 and 13 in one post. If you haven’t been reading my post before, these challenges are from Barb @ Heart of Harmony These challenges have been WONDERFUL to me and therefore my boys. We get outside a whole and we notice, observe, investigate and enjoy all kinds of amazing things in God’s Creation but these challenges have given me something to focus on and learn about so I can share what I learn with my boys very casually and naturally.

During the past week as we have been outside my youngest has picked lots of flowers for me which was perfect since these challenges we are focusing on Flowers =o)

Here is a close up of Honeysuckles and the 2nd pic is of a fence in out backyard that is completely covered with honeysuckle. It is beautiful and smells delicious. We actually have been noticing Honey suckle everywhere. On our recent camping trip we were blessed to see it everywhere also.
These pics are of a beautiful place we came across on one of our walks during our recent camping trips. If you can tell this area was full of Honeysuckle it was a wonderful experience for our eyes and our noses =o)

I still have not been able to identify this white flower but someone just offered a name of a flower so I will be checking it out. We have lots of them around and they were also all over the place on our camping trip.
My youngest loves having his pic taken holding flowers he has picked for me.


All the pics below are of our boys doing some planting. We had two little pots and seeds they were given and a Shrek Chia Pet they were given by their Nana. They had a blast doing this, they actually have been wanting to plant these for a while. So everyday we are checking on them. I pray they sprout so they boys can really enjoy this experience but if they don’t we’ll just chalk it up as a life lesson and try again one day =o)

I have printed out the sheet with the flower parts but I haven’t really tried to use it. I am waiting until I am more comfortable and can share them more naturally. Thank You Barb for creating these challenges because if you hadn’t I would not have thought to tackle this myself!! Once again these challenges have given the boys and I wonderful moments and therefore memories together!!
**Also in another post on my blog you can see a few flowers we enjoyed on our camping trip **
Here is a link to an update on this post

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