Brown Headed Nuthatch

(Click on pictures to ENLARGE)
We went camping this past week and it was WONDERFUL. One of my favorite experiences was to be so close to a pair of Brown headed Nuthatch parents taking care of their young. It was just incredible to have such an amazing view of these little creations of our God. On our campsite their was a big stump right at the edge of the woods that held the nest. The parents would start making themselves heard as they flew in to the trees that were right beside or right above where we hung out most of the time which was at the edge of the lake. To actually get to see how hard these parents worked to feed their young was awe inspiring and to actually get to see the parents drop onto the stump and look around as if to make sure no one was watching them and then stick their head in the hole to feed their little ones was breathtaking. One time I actually saw a baby bird peeking out of the hole and yes I did get a picture of it! I just have to say Thank You God for showing your care, creativity, power and majesty displayed in the every day life of these creatures. I hope you enjoy my pictures and the links I have provided with more information on the this Nuthatch. I know I may have used to many adjectives in this post but I couldn’t help it, I was so blessed by watching these birds!


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